Kyle Ferguson

I've worked as a Senior Software Engineer, Lead DevOps Engineer, and now consultant providing unique solutions for various projects.

Dockerize all the things.

Containers are a game changer. In addition to flexible and consistent deployments they provide higher resource utilization keeping infrastructure costs to a minimum. I've built and maintained HA production Kubernetes clusters as well as dynamic CI/CD pipelines powered by Docker. If you're interested in leveraging containers for your organization I'd love to talk!

"Kyle is one of the highest caliber DevOps engineers I've had the privilege to work with. His knowledge of containers, orchestration and infrastructure as code is second to none. As with every project we've worked on, you can expect Kyle to deliver results that significantly exceed expectations."
Brian Webb
Brian Webb
CTO - Generation Tux

End-to-end software development.

My career in tech started with Actionscript back when websites were movies (thank goodness that's over). One thing that hasn't changed is my love for developing software that solves problems. I've built SOLID and well tested apps using a variety of languages and frameworks. Open source projects I've created or contributed to can be found here.

"Kyle has continually amazed us with the work he can do. We used to always say, “wouldn’t it be neat if we could do this”, or “wouldn’t it be great if we could track this”. Kyle has turned our wish list into a reality. We are very proud to partner with him, and very excited about where our business is going in the future because of the software and development that he continues to provide."
Neil Coffman
Neil Coffman
VP Sales & Marketing - Major League Electronics

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