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Helpful Mac OSX preferences

Kyle FergusonKyle Ferguson

Setting up a new Mac recently reminded me of some small tweaks I like to make in order to make my day-to-day in front of a computer easier. Below are some preferences I set for OSX specifically that might enhance your experience as well :)

Faster key-repeat

I make mistakes, a lot, and pressing and holding the delete key is a common practice for me! In addition to other repeated key strokes I find the default to be a little slow. Press....ok its going....its going...

Under Preferences > Keyboard I bump the repeat speed to the fastest, and shorten the delay length.

Keyboard preferences


I very rarely need to type in all caps, and as a Vim user when it's accidentally enabled it causes mass confusion for a brief moment every time. I find it better to just disable it. You can do so under the same Keyboard Preference window by selecting Modifier Keys.

Tap to click

I'm lazy and actually pressing the trackpad seems redundant to me. I prefer to just tap the trackpad to click. You can enable that under Preferences > Trackpad.

Trackpad preferences

3 Finger Drag

It's also nice to not have to press down and forcefully drag your finger across the trackpad to select, move windows, etc. Enabling 3 finger drag allows you to place 3 fingers on the trackpad and drag the same as if you were clicking and dragging with one finger. You'll find that setting under Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad > Trackpad options


Other productivity apps

Two other things I just wanted to note that I use every single day:

1Password for easy cross-device password management.

Alfred for quick app switching, search, clipboard history, and all kinds of goodies. I disable spotlight and map this to Command-space for easy access.

Kyle Ferguson

Kyle Ferguson